Ceiling Medallions Are Always On Trend

Creativity Never Goes Out Of Style.

Ceiling Medallions are a trend that have yet to go out of style. From today’s current leading decor publications to home decor blogs from the beginning of blogging time, ceiling medallions have proven their worth as a true decor staple that’s here to stay.

Ceiling Medallions Add Architectural Character

Image Courtesy of Better Homes And Gardens

1. Better Homes And Gardens took to their blog this week to show readers 8 ways they could add architectural character. What was first on their list? Ceiling Medallions. Dynamic lighting is all the rage and with dramatic meeting modern, ceiling medallions are the perfect touch of glamour for those statement lighting pieces.

Use Ceiling Medallions to Make Light Fixtures Pop

Image Courtesy of Houzz

2. Houzz is a social leader in home décor trends and it’s Library of Ceiling Medallions contains over 198 photos! Here, the décor experts recommend making a high ceiling room feel more comfortable with a black ceiling and a white ceiling medallion. Here you create a lower feel to the ceiling without compromising the drama of the light fixture.

Use Ceiling Medallions As Wall Medallions

3. Homes Guide of SFGATE puts a twist on the typical ceiling medallion design guide. Instead of sharing ways to enhance your light fixture, the focus is on your wall. From wall art and photo frames to wall-panel ornaments and cornice molding swags, there is no shortage of creativity here.

Use Ceiling Medallions As Wall Decor

Image Courtesy Of DecorLove

4. DecorLove knows what’s up! Author Jenna Davies advises her readers that when searching for an elegant and sophisticated upgrade with minimal effort, they should choose ceiling medallions. Whether highlighting a striking lighting fixture or hanging on a wall, medallions are a great embellishment!


Ceiling Medallions Are The Icing To The Ceiling

Image Courtesy Of House Appeal

5. House Appeal, a blog by Kristin Abrahamsen, shares with readers how ceiling medallions are “the icing on the ceiling.” For Kristin, ceiling medallions add dimension, character and architectural interest to what is otherwise an overlooked area. We agree Kristin, ceiling medallions truly are the “icing on the ceiling!”

Each ceiling medallion at Henta is made from quality recycled materials and comes pre-finished white. Throughout the trends of the seasons ceiling medallions can adapt to fit all your decor dreams!

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