Get Inspired With These Seven Gardening Blogs

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Get some ideas for your upcoming horticulture, urban farming or landscaping projects with our list of the top seven gardening blogs to follow.

  1. A Way To Garden

Website / Facebook / Twitter

Head Gardener Margaret Roach is an ex-Martha Steward Executive with “horticultural how-to and woo-woo.” This organic gardening blog features podcasts, recipes, frequently asked questions, great video and a fun and friendly tone of voice. The New York Times also featured A Way To Garden and called it “the best garden blog.”

Photo courtesy of A Way To Garden

Photo courtesy of A Way To Garden

  1. Gardening Gone Wild

Website / Facebook / Twitter

Started in 2007, Gardening Gone Wild now includes contributions by gardening professionals including authors, photographers, journalists, broadcasters, designers, teachers, speakers and artists. This blog is great for beginners and features an easy-to-use interface with tons of information. There is also an ideas gallery listing that helps harness your gardening creativity.

Gardening Gone Wild

Photo courtesy of Gardening Gone Wild

  1. The Horticult

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

With what has to be the best name for a gardening blog ever, artsy couple Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit are responsible for the fabulous content on The Horticult. This creative couple has been featured in The New York Times and was selected as Editors’ Pick for the 2015 Blogger Awards by Better Homes. They experiment with their modest space, crash other people’s gardens and get inspired by investigating where flora, fauna and culture intersect.



        1. Gardening With Confidence


    Website / Facebook / Twitter Named one of the Bloggers to Follow in 2015 by Southern Living, Helen Yoest is a regular radio and television guest as well as a frequent lecturer for all things horticultural. Southern Living had this to say, “Gardening With Confidence offers tips and tricks for the everyday gardener, including design suggestions that teach how easy it is to get out there and dig…with confidence. Traveling the world for inspiration, Helen also learns lessons from her own half-acre wildlife garden where she grows flowers, foliage and edible fruits.”      

Gardening with Confidence

Photo courtesy of Gardening with Confidence



        1. 66 Square Feet Plus


  Website / Facebook / Instagram Marie Viljoen is the writer of this creative blog about tiny terrace gardening. If you are cultivating a smaller space but still want to keep that green thumb intact, this blog is a great resource. It not only tells you how to grow herbs, fruits and vegetables, but it also provides great recipes you have probably never seen before.

  1. Mr. Brown Thumb

Website / Facebook

The self-proclaimed “original urban garden blogging male” began chronicling his how-to adventures in 2005 and paved the way for the DIY/frugal/recycle-based gardening bloggers of the present. His gardening photos have been featured in These Times, The Gardener and The Guardian. His casual language and sometimes self-deprecating humor make this blog especially enjoyable.

Mr. Brown Thumb

Photo courtesy of Mr. Brown Thumb

  1. Timber Press

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

In addition to blogs, you can find ebooks, books and articles on any and everything related to gardening on Timber Press. It features contributions from gardening authors and plant experts in the fields of horticulture, natural history and gardening. If you are looking for a one-stop gardening blog to answer your questions on everything from DIY projects to permaculture, look no further.

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