The popular Mediterranean decor trend started from the exotic lands north of the Mediterranean Sea.

Imagine the best pieces of Spain, Greece and Italy collected to form a bold yet fiercely chic style.

According to HGTV, iconic Mediterranean inspired pieces are typically short with ornate legs and feet. Furniture hardware is heavy with a brushed finish. Textures are strong and found everywhere including the walls. At Henta Products we manufacture quality pieces that help you reach your decor dreams without having to embark on full remodel projects or stretching the bank. Let us show you how our products can help you achieve your goals.

1. Dramatic Entry Ways

Mediterranean decor is loved for not shying away from commanding pieces, including their entry ways that are typically full of drama. To create this look found on AD, install a Henta Keystone Door and Window Pediment. If you are bringing in the bright colors of Morocco or playing off the inspirations of Greece’s soft beaches, our pediments come prefinished white so you can customize them however you desire.

Mediterranean inspired decor

2. Large Arches For Decor Drama 

Dome ceilings and large arches make Mediterranean rooms feel immensely open and soft but royal. Just imagine feeling the soft breeze of the Italian sea rolling in or the listening to the sounds of spain echoing off the walls. While changing the architecture of your ceiling or entryways may be unrealistic, you can easily achieve this feel with the help of recessed wall niches. Our collection of wall niches include different sizes and details depending on where your design fantasy is taking you.

Medallions for Mediterranean wall texture

3. Mediterranean Wall Textures

Textures are a key component to embodying the mediterranean style. Adding texture to the walls through plaster and paint is an option, but difficult to remove when you decide to change moods. This room from Impressive Interior Design captures the essence of texture through the use of wall pieces such as medallions. Henta Products has a large collection of wall medallions each with different designs and personalities. Again, our pieces are made of high quality plastic that come pre-finished in white allowing you to add a flare of extra color.

Updating decor around your home should be fun and inspiring. At Henta Products we want to make the process as enjoyable, affordable and customizable as possible. We encourage you to chase what inspires you and to never settle for a home that doesn’t fill you with love and energy.

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