How To: Out Bloom The Best

At Henta we have a serious crush on fresh blooms.

With each day the sun gets brighter and winter heads further out the door. Spring is on its way! Throw out that trendy latte and brush off your tools, it’s officially time to prep for spring gardening. These three gardening tips will help you out bloom the best.

Prep Your Soil

Garden dreams only come true when they start on a healthy foundation. Start by tilling 8 – 12 inches beneath your soil surface and remove any rocks or debris that could hamper root growth. Winter can also leave soil dry and hungry so bring on the nutrients! Invest in a fertilizer that is packed with organic material.

Expert tip: Find a balanced amount of water for your soil, over watering can be as detrimental as under watering.

pruning plants for spring gardeningPlan, Prune, Repeat

Pruning prepares the shape of your vine, shrub and tree blooms for the rest of the season. Be sure to wait until the threat of frost has passed and that each plant is ready. Large gardens with a variety of plants require more than one day of pruning. Make each prune cut clean. Prune cuts are a wound for your plant that will need to heal and a clean cut is easier to recover from than a rip.

Expert Tip: Azaleas, Rhodies, and Mountain Laurels can be tricky! Do not prune until after they flower, as they have a tendency of surprise blooming.

Pre-Sprout Seeds

Seeds that fail to germinate are an all too common gardening headache. By pre-sprouting seeds that are typically difficult you help ensure a fruitful season. Seeds vary in sprouting habits and therefore may need different germination tricks. For hard seeds, such as pea seeds, soak overnight to get a small tail started. Other seeds, such as tomato seeds, only need a damp paper towel and sandwich bag to expedite the process.

Expert Tip: Plastic pots retain moisture more consistently and are preferable to clay pots when starting seeds.

Henta plastic pots are made from quality durable materials and help make your garden the talk of the town. Take a look around at all Henta Landscape Products, we would love to be apart of your spring garden!

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