Introducing Plastic Body Forms!

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Plastic Body Forms are now for sale on Henta.

Plastic body forms are a minimal investment with a great return for your product display!

Whether it’s this season’s hottest bathing suit, trendy lingerie or a shorts and shirt combo for children, plastic body forms are key to showcasing your products.

Why Choose Henta Plastic Body Forms?

The best part of a Henta plastic body form is the built-in hanger. This allows for easy portability and versatility. Rather than carry around a full mannequin, showcase pieces on a light weight and durable form, female, male and children forms available. Hang and rehang until your display is just right.

Where Would I Use My Plastic Body Forms?

If you frequently find yourself at tradeshows, festivals or the weekend flea markets, hanging plastic mannequin busts are the way to go! Create an instant show stopping display with your products that draw that desired purchasing traffic to your booth. There is no better conversation starter than your hottest item on display.

Each plastic body form comes in packs of multiples, because who can have just one of such a good thing? Plus, they fit into each other for easy storing and moving. Do you need clear body forms, or maybe black would work best? We have clear, black and white plastic options.

We strive to create quality plastic pieces that will be a durable, affordable and neutral backdrop for your pieces. Wondering if plastic body forms are what you need? Contact us today to learn more.

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