Six Simple Pinterest Ideas For Chic Interior Decorating

Pair Henta products with Pinterest ideas to get some inspirational DIY interior decor projects that are both simple and inexpensive. Check out some of our favorites below.

Wall Decor

Children’s Room Galaxy

Children's room stars


Use Henta wall décor stars to spruce up a child’s room. Take a piece of scrapbooking paper or patterned fabric, trace around the star’s edges, cut and adhere using Mod Podge and a sponge brush for application. Pair with matching fabric planets profiled in wooden frames for added flair.

Check out the full how-to here

Shabby Chic Living Room

shabby chic star

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For a shabby chic look, think earth tones. This accenting look features a bronze / brown accenting star and stringed lights paired with a faux-brush piece accented with gold stars.


Ceilling Medallions

Dramatic Texture

Monotone cluster ceiling medallion

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Cluster a handful of Henta medallions of various sizes / designs and paint them identical to your wall color. Install the pieces for a visually stunning piece that adds dramatic texture and sophistication to any wall.

Modern Holiday Wreath

Ceiling medallion wreath

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Perfect for autumn, spray paint one of Henta’s ceiling medallions a beautiful red tone for the holidays and dab on a bit of bold metallic finish. Add a fall-themed ribbon with a large bow and hang for an easily interchangeable wall piece dependent on season.


Wall Niches

Interactive Niche

Wall Niche chalk board

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We love the idea of pairing our wall niches with some chalkboard paint and creating an interactive space for note taking or household fun.

Indoor Foliage

Wall Niche with plant

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Wall niches are a simple way to add a bit of additional storage space and visual interest to a room or nook. Add a simple plant or paint your niche a bright color and pair it with a flowering plant for a more bold look.


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