Spring Colors To Inspire Your Decor

Color is life and life is color!

Each season brings new colors that are refreshing sources of inspiration for home decor. The authority of color, Pantone, determined what the top 10 colors of spring 2017 will be and it is no secret, we are in love!

Top Henta Picks of the Pantone Spring 10

Niagara | PANTONE 17-4123

Niagara has been deemed the leader of the spring color change. Pantone refers to it as “comfortable and dependable”. We think that it looks like a relaxing Sunday afternoon with a glass of lemonade in hand!

Flame | PANTONE 17-1462

Wow, talk about excitement! Flame is the bold and loving color that spring needs. We’re not sure if we want to wear it or stare at it. Either way, we have to have it.

Kale | PANTONE 18-0107

Kale is the epitome of a beautiful day spent outside. It reminds us to take the time to take a deep breath and feel the reinvigorating energy of the wonderful nature around us.

Yellow flowers in vase

Primrose Yellow | PANTONE 13-0755

Primrose Yellow leaves a sparkle wherever it goes. From first glance, Primrose Yellow fills us with joy and sends us on to have a better day!

Hazelnut | PANTONE 14-1315

Every season needs a neutral and this year Hazelnut has hit it out of the color park. Hazelnut grounds the pallet with its strength and inherent warmth.

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