4 Summer Landscape Best Practices

Summer can be brutal on a yard with record temperatures and moody weather.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain the gorgeous flowers and landscaping you worked so hard on during spring.

Follow these 4 Summer Landscape Best Practices to help keep your yard healthy and happy.

1. Prepare for Thunderstorms

Prepare for those lovely summer thunderstorms by trimming your trees and bushes of all dead branches. This prep work will help reduce the amount of debris you’re left to pick up the next day. Hate cleaning up your yard? Our Group-n-Scoop makes it easy and quick.

Summer Landscape Sprinkler Schedule

2. Plan for Summer Vacation

Before you leave for summer vacation be sure your yard is in good hands. Run a test of the sprinkler scheduling to ensure your yard doesn’t miss out on it’s water. Go the extra mile and protect your sprinklers with our sprinkler crowns.

Summer Landscape Tips Potted Plants

3. Plant Warm Weather Flowers

Now is the time to plant the flowers that actually enjoy the heat and long sunny hours. HGTV says, “I’ll remove leggy pansies from spring containers and replace them with warm-weather favorites, such as trailing verbena.”

Planting in Summer for Fall Harvest

4. Think Ahead to Fall

Summer time is often too hot for vegetables to grow but it’s a great time to prepare for fall’s harvest. During July plant your seeds and get excited for a bountiful fall harvest.

Summer is such a fun season full of bright colors and long days filled with sunshine. Make sure your yard is ready to handle the heat with these fun summer tips and our landscape products.

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