The Very Simple Niche Installation Guide

Congratulations on your new wall niche!

Are you swooning over your new niche but a little nervous to start installation? Don’t be! Simply follow these 7 instructions below and you will have an upgraded space in no time.

If you get stuck, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Give us a call at 1-800-473-4682.

Wall Niche Installation Find Studs1. Locate stud edges

Wall Niche Installation Cut Template2. Cut template from box

Wall Niche Installation Trace on Wall3. Trace template between studs

Wall Niche Installation Insert Into Wall4. Cut and remove drywall

Wall Niche Installation Insert into Wall5. Place your spic-and-span niche and firmly secure to the wall

Wall Niche Installation Add Caulk6. Caulk around the edges (use paintable adhesive caulk)

Wall Niche Installation Paint to Match7. Prime and then paint to make it match your individual style!

You’re done! How does it look? We hope you love your new wall niche and are so happy you chose Henta Products!

Do you love it so much you’re already thinking about ordering your next one? We can help.

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