What Your Home Décor Says About You

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Your Decor Choices Reveal Pieces Of Your Personality.

Does your couch have a bunch of pillows on it? If so, you’re probably the type of person who wants to make sure people feel comfortable. Are you running out of wall space because you hang up so many pictures of yourself?  Then it’s an easy guess that you’re a millennial.

Whether you realize it or not, your decor choices act as a window into your personality!

Let’s use pieces of Henta’s home decor to see if we can figure out what your decor says about you.

Which Ceiling Medallion Do You Like Best

Plano vs. Tulip

Are you drawn to the Plano? If so, you’re a lover of modern décor that feels clean and open. Neutrals are your game and your attention to detail is impeccable.

Is the Tulip stealing your heart? You have a fun side that is not afraid to show in your décor. You have fun pillows for different seasons and your flooring is the coolest on the block. You’re picturing it now, the Tulip is a perfect addition.

How did we do? This is fun, let’s try with wall niches now!

What wall niche style do you like best?

Legend II vs. La Petite vs. Capri

The Legend II is a favorite of those who want a functional niche, but not one that steals the attention of the room. You have a statement piece that needs a neutral background and the Legend II is the niche for the job. You show off pieces and pictures that are meaningful to you and those who enter your home know exactly where your heart is.

If you chose the La Petite you have a detailed side, but like a home with relatively clean lines where modern flirts with details. You live a beautiful balance of different era inspired trends and all your visitors wish they had your eye for décor.

The Capri is for those who enjoy their style to be on display! You have colorful accents and minimalist decor isn’t in your vocabulary. Statement pieces don’t stop at your walls, your furniture is also comprised of one of a kind pieces positioned perfectly to be wonderful conversation starters.

So how did we do? Did we figure out who you are? The truth is, our décor pieces are made for everyone despite your personality and design tastes! We do believe that your home décor can share a great deal about who you are, but most importantly we believe you are not confined to any rules of a trend!

Branch out or stay in sync, the choice is up to you. We support your design dreams and are happy to be a part of your inspiration!

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